Salt Water Original Mustard Sandal

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The Salt Water Original is a cool, classic, and waterproof little sandal that is machine washable - a perfect choice for little exploring feet.

This style was the first-ever from Salt Water dating back to the 1940s with convenience and comfort at its core. A super-flexible stitched rubber sole sits underneath while a plaited mustard-colored but waterproof leather upper wraps around the foot.

The buckle is also pretty nifty as it's been created using a rust-proof material, meaning they can be worn in water and can even be slung in the washing machine!

Item: Salt Water Original Mustard Sandal.

Material: Upper leather. Inner leather. Sole rubber.

Product care: Wipe with a damp cloth or machine wash on gentle cold wash. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry. Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing a matching coloured shoe polish over the affected area.

Fit: Buckle fastening for a highly adjustable and secure fit. To suit average length and width feet.

Please note, all brands measure and fit slightly differently, please visit the fitting guide for further information.

Gender: Girls.

Suitable for: A trendy little girl looking for a great all-rounder sandal.

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