About Us

Expert fitters in Kids’ Shoes
Hi, I’m Catherine, the owner of Minis and here’s a little bit about how my dream came true.

Minis was born in 2018 when I decided to set up shop in Glebe Farm, Congleton; a bustling animal petting farm, in rural Cheshire.

Since that point I haven’t looked back, the business has grown from strength-to-strength and I am now proud to say that we are most people’s first choice for children’s shoes and clothing.

This little venture stems from my background in fashion dating way back to 2001 when I stepped into footwear and lead Kickers Shoes’ footwear program. Since then I worked for many large international brands, jetting all over the world, with not a moment to spare.

My love for the industry never wavered, in fact it just got stronger, but an added element of family life came into play. That’s when I took the plunge to create Minis, an opportunity to be closer to home, to be a loving Mum to my family and most of all make my dreams come true!

Minis stock over 14 shoe brands from all over the World, with particular attention paid to production and the quality. From first walkers to early teens, sizes UK2 (EU18) to UK 6.5 (EU40), Minis offer a unique one-to-one children’s fitting service.

Children’s feet are the foundations to their lives and that’s why Minis pride themselves on delivering quality shoes, which are accurately fitted, in a friendly environment.