Ricosta Moni Sonne Sandal

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The Moni is a comfortable, durable, and most importantly gorgeous little sandal.

The full-grain leather upper, in a beautiful amber colour, wraps around the foot and is fitted using rip-tape across the ankle and toe - great for varying width feet.

Inside and underfoot the leatherette proves to be hardwearing and easy to wipe should your little one get carried away while out and about. 

Finally, we come to the super supportive, cushioned and flexible sole that has been designed to keep your little one comfortable throughout the day - whatever their play!

Item: Ricosta Moni Sonne Sandal.

Material: Upper leather. Inner leatherette. Sole rubber.

Product care: Wipe with a damp cloth. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry.

Fit: Rip-tape fastening across the upper foot and the toes. To suit average length and width feet.

Please note, all brands measure and fit slightly differently, please visit the fitting guide for further information

Gender: Girls.

Suitable for: Confident walking girls looking for a beautiful little sandal that will match any number of outfits. 

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