Ricosta Corany Boots Plum

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These are an ideal first walker shoe from Ricosta. The supple plum leather and warm lining make these a cosy short boot like no other.

A bumper encases the shoe allowing them to be both practical and durable for little explorers, while the contrasting laces make a bold statement.

Finally, the grippy but flexible sole offers unmatched comfort and support while your little girl gets used to being on her feet. 

Item: Ricosta Corany Plum Winter Boots. Ricosta Fluffy Lined Short Boot Plum.

Material: Upper is leather. The lining is synthetic. The outsole is rubber.

Product Care: Use a natural water-repellent spray before wearing and every four weeks following first wear for protection against water damage. Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid fully immersing in water. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry. Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing a matching coloured shoe polish over the affected area.

Fit:  A lace-up boot for secure fitting and adjustment. To fit average width and length feet. 

Please note, all brands measure and fit slightly differently, please visit the fitting guide for further information. The fitting guide also details EU conversions.

Gender: Girls.

Suitable for: First walking girls who are looking for a pretty but practical boot.

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